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Art gallery Eindhoven

COVA Art Gallery

Art Gallery Eindhoven, would you like to stroll around and see some quality art in Eindhoven city? Please visit our modern art gallery on the border of the city center of Eindhoven. We would like to meet you and introduce you to our modern art collection. Our collection is personally selected with pieces from a select group of mostly internationally working artists. For us it doesn’t matter where the art is from, as long as it is qualitatively good and original. We will proudly tell you about it in our art gallery located near the city center of Eindhoven.

Quality and originality is where we want to make a difference and stand out from our competition. If we get the chance and you pay us a visit we will be enthusiastically show it to you. Are you into modern and figurative art? Than our gallery is a must visit in Eindhoven.


Do you love art? Visit our Art Gallery Eindhoven

Why are we good in what we do? Simple, it’s our passion. The artists represented are personally selected, contacted and visited. We hold them to our qualitative standards of our current collection. We find the artists anywhere, from France to Russia, from Germany to Greece. There is a low chance you will find one of these artists in another Gallery in Holland.

Due to the fact that we have visited many art fairs, realized many projects and intensive contact with artists we have developed a good view on art and the current art scene. Because of this our collection grows qualitatively and in size every month. For every project, big or small we offer a free advice on art challenges. Through this we show our expertise and show how we would interpret the spaces and show what art we would select to strengthen the image of the house or company. With a good sense of aesthetics there will be a plan presented.

Although we are still a small player in the art scene, we have big ambitions. The art in our collection is constantly updated with new pieces. The pieces and presentations are getting better by month, so make sure you walk by every no and then. To have a quick preview please check our collection page. Of course it’s more fun and better to see art in real life, so see you soon. If you want to make an appointment please feel free tot contact COVA Art Gallery Eindhoven.


Art Gallery Eindhoven



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